Welcome to my campaign for president of your AMS!

See what I can do for you.

Why I'm in the Race

I've been at UBC since August 2015. 

Being an Integrated Sciences student, having had 6 different jobs, honing my capacity for leadership and maintaining my principles of empowerment, collaboration and inclusion has taught me a lot since then.

How would I sum up what I’ve learned? 

Here’s what I think: “For us students to really thrive, or even take a stab at success, we need to find our community and fall in love with who we are, what we do and how we do it." 

As UBC Vancouver's student body we are 55,887 members strong. Beyond our responsibility to look out for ourselves, I believe we deserve support in finding what we are capable of, who we want to work with and what we intend to do beyond this institution. That’s a service our communities should offer.

Whether it's identifying what catalyzes well being in learning environments, student resilience, the productivity of a non-profit, great relationships with partner organizations or even good conversations with those I saw alone in my 1st year residence - I live to develop stronger communities. 

Sheltered within a 250,000+ square foot masterpiece, providing 11 important services to students, a hub for over 370 clubs, 12 places to get food, 5 other shops + a store where everything is free, a radio station, a brilliant news source and our student government, society, and union... The AMS is a community nonetheless. One that represents the power of students supporting one another, working together and learning best practice at the same time. However, I want to ensure the AMS can continue to enrich all of UBC’s communities for years to come, not just itself.

So here's a good start: an approachable executive team that listens, and then properly represents your voice; more accessible services, where you find support on pressing issues; and a welcoming community that you feel a part of, everyday.

That's the Alma Mater Society I want to share with you.

My mission is to have daily operations run to their highest standard, create a cohesive team around me, ensure executives' time is being used primarily for students' best interests, and to leave this university with an AMS cherished by every member, club and constituent.

Dear UBC, that's why I'm in this race to lead your AMS.

About Me

My Background


I was born close to the Grand Canyon in the US. Two days later I was adopted by my incredibly loving Canadian-American family. My Mexican birth-father had been deported, which definitely complicated things for my birth-mom, but you can ask me about that story in person. 

I grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts. A small town outside of Boston that holds revolutionary war tributary ceremonies about 10 times a year. Besides those, I went to my local high school, and I was granted opportunities I now count as blessings. An outdoor P.E. course in Grade 10, a chance to row on the same river as Harvard, MIT and other big-name universities, a philosophy course in Grade 11, three science courses in Grade 12, APs, and an incredibly dedicated group of teachers that made sure every student got the help they needed. After graduation, I went to Florida to compete in Youth Nationals for Rowing (Lwt 8s). I got my first job that summer and then I drove across the country with my Dad, to UBC - his Alma Mater.

So, I'm a dual-citizen, who grew up with the fortune of visiting family in Vancouver and Whistler twice a year. I'm also fortunate enough to have been considered international for JumpStart, back when it was two weeks of fun. 

I got to volunteer on move-in day for fellow first-years, which meant everyone thought I was an RA. I played the part well, but then I met the actual Residence Advisor. A 20 year-old 3rd year who had (and still has) it all figured out. He was running the AMS food bank, had an impressive course load, was charismatic and outgoing, went above and beyond in his role as an advisor, and was financially independent. So, I hung out with him every time he was off-duty. Needless to say, he was a tremendous friend and role model to me. With many thanks to him, I began to garner the confidence to take on my later responsibilities here at UBC with a level head, an open heart and a genuine smile. 

That leads me through a couple years of advancing my degree while making science come alive for primary school kids across Vancouver - a fun part-time job. Come 2018, I had 4 part-time jobs over the summer, and one was working with Kite, a volunteer position that has been far more rewarding than any paid ones. It was a learning experience from day one. I ran a few hiring campaigns. I wrote grants. I ran meetings. I helped ideate 4 diverse projects, which were always supported by others. And then I managed a team. From as little as 6, up to 27 executives, all of whom possess skills that continue to improve the organization. These are some of the people I'm most grateful for and inspired by.

So, if you're reading this, don't hesitate to click on the links under "My Experience & Skills" or "What I Do For Fun" for that matter. They'll all lead you somewhere near and dear to my heart.

My Experience & Skills


Current Involvements

Executive Director

Kite Vancouver

(1 year)

Undergraduate Research Assistant 

the Wellness Centre, HP & E unit

(7 months)

Mad Scientist (Presenter)

Mad Science BC

(2 years, 4 months)

Executive Committee Member

UBC Surf Club

(6 months)

Integrated Sciences Peer Mentor


(6 months)


  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Agenda setting
  • Event planning
  • Time management
  • Hiring and on-boarding
  • Microsoft Office, GSuite, Formatting
  • Advocating on behalf of wellness at UBC & sustainable development

Past Involvements


  1. UBC First-Year Educators' Symposium - 26 January, 2019
  2. UBC Learning Technology Innovation Summit - 30 April, 2018

Clinical Research Assistant

UBC Diabetes Research &

 Vancouver Coastal Health

(4 months)

Street Fundraiser

Public Outreach

(3 months)

Internal Director

Kite Vancouver

(3 months)


Sigma Chi Fraternity

(1 year)

Technician's Assistant

Nucleus Scientific

(5 months)

What I Do For Fun



  • Spending quality time with friends.
    • I think it's a hobby.
  • REC Sports! (Footy, Futsal, Dodgeball, Volleyball, lots of balls)
  • Skiing (sometimes boarding)
  • Surfing
    • Check out the UBC Surf Club!
  • Chess and other board games
    • Always up for a challenge!
  • Course scheduling
    • I've been around the block with major switches, having settled with ISCI because I can create it as I go.
    • If you're looking for a good elective course hmu.



  • Conversation
    • Especially talking about ideas, stories, general updates and for play.
    • You can actually hmu, especially in March 2019.
  • Skateboarding
  • Reading
  • Sketching and journaling
  • Writing, not so much blogging, but there was a time.
  • Biking around Vancouver and on the immaculate trails in Whistler.
    • I've had three bikes stolen in the past four years, though. 
    • I hope some engineers can come up with a solution...
  • Giving
  • Cooking 
    • Every meal whenever possible!
    • Potluck anyone?
    • Looking forward to making AMS Foodbank BBQ and cookouts happen!